What Are the Key Benefits of Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer Immediately?

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle collision involving a truck, the priority items on your to-do list can be vast. While restoring your health is the number-one challenge in these-often devastating crashes, the role of New York Truck Accident Lawyers is all-important in protecting your legal rights. 

With respect to the key benefits, hiring a truck accident lawyer immediately perhaps takes on its greatest significance in terms of evidence gathering to establish which party or parties caused the accident and thus become liable to pay money damages to the victims.

Securing Key Evidence

Crucial evidence from the accident scene – which includes, e.g., physical as well as visual — can get discarded, be misplaced, intentionally removed, or even disappear for whatever reason or reasons. 

To avoid that eventuality, a diligent truck accident lawyer can immediately seek a court order to prevent any evidence tampering or deletion, inadvertent or otherwise.

Witnesses can become forgetful, unavailable, or change their perceptions over time, too, so their statements need to be memorialized while the accident is still fresh.

In essence, all this means that the sooner your legal representatives – whose job it is to seek the maximum financial compensation for you under the law — begin stockpiling and analyzing all this information the better.

Under federal regulations, moreover, some commercial trucks carry a data recorder or an electronic logging device, generically referred to as a black box, that can document a vehicle’s speed and acceleration rate, among other measurements that may be consequential in sorting out the legal cause or causes of an accident.

If the truck that caused the accident is equipped with such a device, your claim for damages can be strengthened if your attorney quickly gains access to it before any data potentially goes astray.

Locking In Additional Proof

Documenting road conditions, obtaining footage from traffic cams, and so forth constitutes additional evidence that needs to be collected.

Once you’ve formally hired legal counsel, the benefits of same include deploying investigators and accident reconstruction specialists for an independent assessment and a complete record of what happened as promptly as possible.

A truck accident lawyer can also help you quickly file the complicated paperwork necessary to trigger no-fault coverage for your medical treatment from your own insurance company while your claim is pending.

Identifying Responsible Parties

As alluded to above, and as explained in a separate blog posting, the level of complexity in a truck accident includes that more than one individual or entity may share the blame.

The more time your attorney has to scrutinize these entities, which may include shell corporations and whatnot, the greater likelihood that clients will, in the end, receive an enhanced payout for their injuries.

The key benefits of legal representation that essentially begin on day one can include crafting a sound legal strategy to build a strong case for compensation, skillfully negotiating with insurance companies after calculating the full measure of money damages, and even litigation, if necessary.

All these services are held in abeyance, however, until a client hires an experienced truck accident lawyer.

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