The Best Places to Buy Rings Online: A Shopper’s Guide

You may not like the impersonal feel of crowded jewelry stores. That’s probably why you are here. You may be looking for a ring that truly mirrors your aesthetic taste. If you love the convenience of online shopping, this guide is for you.

Whether you are after a timeless diamond solitaire or a bohemian gemstone, we help you choose the perfect place where you can buy rings online.

We know you may feel overwhelmed with countless options at your fingertips. That’s why we have curated this list of the best places to buy rings online.

Here are ten top picks that everyone swears by:


Whether you are a bride-to-be or a jewelry lover, Candere offers a dazzling selection of rings for you to discover. Their rings are timeless with contemporary flair. When you choose to buy their exquisite gold designs, they do not let you down. From delicate rings to statement pieces, their rings are crafted with the renowned quality of Kalyan Jewellers. Not only do you get your hands on a perfect ring to celebrate your love story but they also offer you the convenience of secure online shopping and easy return policies.

Blue Nile

You are probably thinking of proposing to your partner with a sparkling diamond. It becomes more personal if you handpicked the stone yourself. Blue Nile is here for you. Thanks to their vast selection of dazzling diamonds, finding the perfect stone feels like a breeze. The most interesting part? They do not compromise on quality and deliver the best in the market (that too without leaving a hole in your pocket). True elegance is not about a hefty price tag. It is about finding a piece that you and your significant other will love.

James Allen

We bet you want to experience the beauty of custom design features. James Allen lets you go virtual with their groundbreaking 360-degree viewing technology. You get to see the quality of every piece with a hundred percent accuracy. Their in-depth guides, written in plain English, answer all your diamond questions. Their effort into giving you the feel of authenticity is genuine. You will feel comfortable buying their diamonds online.

Brilliant Earth

Diamonds are a symbol of everlasting love. Brilliant Earth understands it. They ensure every gem they sell is ethically sourced. This is why they source materials from mines that prioritize environmental and social responsibility. Plus, they offer a captivating collection of colorful gemstones, perfect for those who crave a unique and dazzling piece.

Kendra Scott

You will find amazing rings at Kendra Scott, each piece is an invitation to express your one-of-a-kind flair. Their jewelry is crafted with quality in mind. Their signature Kendra Scott Gold plating ensures lasting shine, while the variety of high-quality gemstones – from delicate opals to rich magnesite – guarantees a piece that reflects your inner light. If you crave a ring that’s more than just an ornament, a ring that speaks your vibrant language, look no further. It’s where you will find a ring that’s as unique and unforgettable as you are.


Catbird curates a collection of rings that are anything but ordinary. These rings are nothing but conversation starters. Each one boasts meticulous craftsmanship and unexpected details. From playful charms to shimmering gemstones -they have it all. The best part? Catbird keeps it real. You won’t find sky-high designer prices here. If you are after a ring that reflects your spirit, and is budget-friendly too, Catbird is your go-to place.


Looking for everyday pieces that feel luxurious without the hefty price tag? Mejuri might be your perfect match. Their minimalist designs, crafted with high-quality materials like 14k gold and genuine gemstones, elevate your everyday look without feeling excessive. Whether you are looking for stackable rings, delicate necklaces, or earrings that seamlessly transition from work to weekend, Mejuri has got you covered. They have made luxury accessible, meaning their rings are perfect for the modern woman who values style and substance.

Bario Neal

Bario Neal is known for their vintage and estate rings that tell the stories of bygone eras. They are not only about aesthetics but about owning a piece of history. Each ring carries the weight of time, a conversation piece guaranteed to turn heads. Plus, with their ethical focus on pre-owned stones and metals, you can feel good about your choice. If you want a ring that sets you apart with a touch of vintage magic, Bario Neal is your one-stop destination.


Etsy is a treasure hunt for the unconventional soul. Thanks to their artisans’ sense of creativity and experience, you get a ring as unique as you are. The beauty of Etsy is its endless variety. From bohemian gemstone stacks to delicate, nature-inspired designs, there is a ring waiting to be discovered by you!


Are you looking for a classic engagement ring with a sparkling diamond? Or perhaps you need a gemstone ring for everyday wear. Zales is a familiar name in the jewelry world. They are known to offer a wide selection of rings for all kinds of occasions and budgets. They have a good mix of traditional and trendy styles. This means you can find something you love. Plus, they often have sales and promotions, making their jewelry even more affordable.

Final Thoughts

You buy your favorite ring today and it will continue to be on your finger for the rest of your life. They become cherished companions for life. Choosing one wisely ensures you have a piece that sparks joy every time it catches your eye. Your ring is nothing but a symbol you can connect with. It may remind you of a special occasion that you would want to cherish for life.

You will never regret buying your ring from one of these top online places. Not only do these sites offer you a seamless shopping experience but you will also find a perfect match for you or your partner.

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