Purchasing the Best 3-carat Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Imagine a ring that drifts above modern traditions. A 3 carat oval diamond engagement ring – an alluring mixture of classy grace and the sparkle of a modern gem. Its extended appearance is convenient for a hand and is also remarkable for the attention that it gets that shines with every glance.

Is A 3-carat Oval Diamond The Perfect Fit For Your Love Story?

It’s a symbol of forever, the most glamorous way of saying I love you. The long oval diamond exudes a noticeable slimming effect which brings it relatively close to a universal choice. Every time there is a glance from you, the ring suddenly sparkles, mirroring the light and brightness of the love story between us.

However, a three-carat diamond may not be the most appropriate one for you.It makes perfect sense for a wedding dress to not only mean a lot to you because it represents your love story but also be modern enough to fit your partner’s personal style.

This guide will be your good companion that will take you to the involvedness of a 3-carat oval diamond engagement ring. Experience the thrill of finding the perfect ring, a glimmering symbol that represents not just your bond but also the singular sparkle of your story.

Understanding the Cost of a 3-Carat Oval Diamond Ring

The price range for a 3-carat oval diamond engagement ring goes from $30,000-$240,000 Depending on the qualities and specs of a Diamond.

2 Things To Consider For Buying a 3-Carat Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Step 1: The 4C’s Of Diamond:


Since oval diamond cases occur to be highly controversial, diamonds are habitually cut in different ways. The best grades should be struck for the depth and proportion, the depth percentage of 58% to 62%, and the table percentage should be 53% to 63%.


Excluding diamonds having minute blemishes (flaws) that are microscopic, most people can’t see them with the naked eye. Appreciate VS2 or SI1 clarity maintaining a good balance between quality and the beauty of the diamond.


All the famed colorless diamonds (D-F grade) are expensive, but the exceptionally brilliant near-colorless stones (G-H grade) are worth the money invested.

Carat Weight: 

The size has been stepped up at this figure to be 3 carats. To maximize your budget by keeping better visual effects in mind, it is a good idea to slightly smaller stone (2.80 to 2.99 carats).

Step 2: Finding the Honest Man For Jewellery Purchasing


In this respect, make sure to visit the jeweler, and check his certificates, documents, and customer reviews on Social media pages.


Among the many things one should give consideration to when purchasing a diamond is the choice of a jeweler carrying a variety of oval diamonds of good quality that are within a particular range.


It is time that you find a jeweler who can instruct you on the 4Cs and many types of settings so you will make the right choice.


Requires getting a gemological certification report from a well-known independent laboratory, such as GIA or AGS, for the documentation of all the 4Cs and other attributes.


Finding the best 3-carat oval diamond ring is not about the shape and sparkle. It all boils down to finding a ring that fits your story and your partner’s style. In this guide, you will learn how to pick perfect oval diamonds. Keep in mind the fact that a less prominent grade or a smaller size of the stone can save you money without affecting the beauty too much.

What is more important is picking the dealer you trust for whom the selection of diamonds is appropriate and who can answer all your questions. And the fact that you now understand all the details of it, you are on the way to finding the perfect ring, which will forever symbolize your love.

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