NDIS Meals – A Guide

NDIS meals provide fresh, healthy food delivered directly to your home. It is only available if a line item exists in your Core support budget for meal preparation and delivery and has been approved by both your Planner and Support Coordinator.

Kinela is an NDIS-approved provider of texture-modified meals, and they can deliver them directly to your door with just 10 minutes in between the freezer and plate! Kinela offers real convenience and locked-in nutrition!

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme’s mission is to assist participants in reaching their goals, and meal preparation is one key support activity. 

However, managing meal preparation can be challenging for people living with disability; thanks to NDIS meals it has never been simpler to enjoy delicious and nutritious food! With numerous meal providers that specialize in tailor-made dishes tailored specifically for each participant’s preferences, taste, dietary restrictions, and requirements – they even assist with grocery shopping, so participants have access to healthy options!

An NDIS meal provider that prioritizes understanding your dietary requirements will take the time to tailor their services accordingly. Furthermore, they should offer flexible meal plans so you can adjust or alter them as necessary.

A great NDIS meal provider understands the needs of those living with dysphagia and can ensure your meals are textured to reduce risks of choking and other health complications for those who struggle with swallowing difficulties, ultimately improving quality of life and helping prevent hospitalization. They use IDDSI guidelines to create, measure, and label texture-modified meals; additionally, they offer training and resources to support safe mealtimes for people living with disabilities.


NDIS meal delivery services play a critical role in supporting independence, convenience and nutritional well-being for participants. By offering tailored ndis funded meals in Australia, users can accommodate their dietary restrictions and preferences while still meeting quality and safety standards. Furthermore, individuals can share meals in social settings which fosters community inclusion while improving overall wellbeing.

To maximize the benefits of NDIS meal preparation and delivery services, you must select a provider with a strong track record in the industry. A quality provider will use only premium quality ingredients and adhere to stringent food safety regulations; in addition, they should meet all dietary needs as well as cultural preferences; also offer flexible meal delivery schedules.

Meal preparation and delivery services are covered under the Core Supports budget of NDIS, so they may be added to your plan if they fit well with your lifestyle. It’s important to remember, though, that NDIS doesn’t cover costs associated with buying ingredients for cooking your meals.

If you are ordering home-delivered NDIS ready-made meals and your plan specifies that ‘prep and delivery of meals are included, be aware that ingredients must also be purchased and paid for separately; some providers may itemize these costs while others will include them within their meal costs.


If you’re incorporating meal preparation services into your NDIS plan, they must arrive promptly. 

Timely meals help reduce risks associated with swallowing difficulties while improving quality of life and are vitally important. 

Finding a service provider with an excellent reputation and service offering that matches your requirements is essential. Make sure they offer options suitable for various diets, use premium quality ingredients in their dishes, and follow all food safety protocols. You can click the link: https://www.foodsafety.asn.au/food-safety-tips/ to learn more about food safety protocols.

Meal preparation services can be an easy and nutritious way to add tasty meals to your diet, however, the NDIS only funds these services if your disability prevents you from grocery shopping or cooking on your own. To secure this funding you should request it during an NDIS planning meeting or review meeting and submit relevant documentation as proof.


No matter the budget constraints of your household, there are affordable solutions out there to assist with shopping and cooking needs, such as hiring a support worker to shop with or prepare and deliver meals. Make sure that any service offered fits within both your budget and needs – choose one with a proven record for providing high-quality, reliable meals as well as services tailored specifically to meet dietary restrictions and needs.

Meal preparation services offer a range of meal options that cater to various dietary restrictions and allergies. You can click here to learn about the most common food allergies. Some offer fixed menus while others allow customers to customize the ingredients used in their dishes – giving you more control over what type of food is eaten (organic vegetables and grass-fed meats may be available as options). 

Some providers even offer freezer-friendly solutions so your meals can stay fresh until later consumption!

If you opt for a cooking service, your NDIS funding may cover up to 70% of its costs; with you only needing to cover 30% for delicious, ready-made meals made according to your tastes. If this sounds appealing to you, speak with your NDIS planner or support coordinator about incorporating this expense into your plan.

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