How to Make Your Jamaica Wedding a Memorable Experience for Guests?

Why should you stick to the usual wedding routine When you have decided to get a destination wedding in Jamaica? It is time to offer your guests a dose of the Caribbean culture they will cherish throughout their lives. So, before you send out the invitations for the Jamaica Wedding Destination, make some ultimate planning to make their jaws drop in wonder. 

Pick a Resort that Compliments the Destination

The first thing your guests will encounter on reaching Jamaica is the accommodation. While you should make sure to offer them the epitome of comfort, also look out for a resort that shouts out Jamaica. Offer your guests a tropical paradise that will allow them to experience the best of the Caribbean stay. 

Take Vows in the Lap of Nature

If you are in this beautiful location, you must not miss out on engulfing its beauty to the fullest. Make your wedding and your guest’s visit memorable by organizing your wedding in an outdoor setup. The honey-colored sand beneath your feet, the sun-soaked breeze touching your skin, and the ocean waves rejuvenating your senses will raise your wedding excitement to the next level. No doubt, the whole backdrop will be a soothing treat for your guests too. 

Manifest the Caribbean Experience

Only getting the right backdrop is not going to offer you the feeling that you are in Jamaica. You must also include other elements such as local music in the background. If you are lucky enough to get acquainted with some locals, you can even adopt some of their cultural wedding rituals to make the whole experience even more exotic. 

Try out Tropical Cocktail and Cuisine

Don’t you love the idea of trying out local food and drinks whenever you are on a trip to a new land? So, why should you hesitate to do the same here? Spark up your bar with some exotic tropical drinks. Include both cocktails and mocktails to let everyone get a refreshing retreat. 

Similar to drinks, include some popular Jamaican recipes in your buffet for the special event. For example, one of the most popular dishes in Jamaica is the Jerk Chicken. It will be a great idea to try out this recipe in its land of origin. 

 Put on the Theme

To enjoy the destination wedding to the fullest, put up the Caribbean theme for the function. Now, you do not have to be too formal. All you can do is ask your guests to arrive in either white or bright-colored dresses. To make the moment even more enjoyable, ask them to arrive barefooted. The sand underneath the feet will do magic in evoking the senses and embracing the feel of a paradise around. 

So, there is so much that you can do to make your destination wedding in Jamaica a memorable one for you and your guests. Hire a professional planner if you do not want to mess up things. Live your dream of marrying in this romantic abode and let the professionals take care of the rest. 

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