Everest in 2024: What’s happening in Everest?

Mount Everest is literally a very interesting talk of the world. The most adventurous mountain to be climbed, climbing Everest is a lifetime dream for many. It is so exciting that thousands of people each year make climbing Everest the most important activity of life. And even such a difficult adventure is filled with the war of making world records and rushing. 

Current May is the biggest season for the Everest climbers. We are all getting new exciting news from and also some very disturbing news from Everest. So let’s learn what’s happening in Everest right now. Who is climbing Everest this year? There are almost 414 Foreigners climbing Everest in 2024, and they will be accompanied by around 500 total guides and porters. These 414 people belong to about 50 nationalities all around the world. And only about a hundred of the total climbers to Everest are female this year. 

The number of Everest climbers has been reduced due to a few strict regulations from the government and it is good news because the crowd in Everest is really getting disturbing this time of the year.

First climb of 2024 

The first was done by experienced Nepali mountain climbers from Seven Summit Treks who went for rope fixing on the 10th of May. After that, a lot of travelers started to follow the rope and begin the climb. 

Traffic jam in Everest repeats this year also, as a lot of climbers i.e. almost 100 people are trying to get to the summit and back on a single day. There are almost 50 to 60 new names coming from Everest on a good weather day. There have been around 11 good weather days in May after the 11th.

Death in Everest 2024

Four days have already been confirmed in the Everest. The initial two with the Mongolian climbers attempting to climb without oxygen we missing since 13th May. And then another two deaths occurred on the 22nd of May when people were stuck in a traffic jam, down from Everest, and were hit by the ice rock. 

Six people fell down in that incident, four among which were rescued, but two of them, unfortunately, we dead. Among them, one climber was a Finnish climber and another is said to be a Sherpa assistant. Two more people have been missing in the Everest and any report of their whereabouts has not been released by the officials in the Everest base camp.

New records in Everest

The most interesting record has been made by Kami Rita Sherpa who successfully climbed the Everest for 30th time. Kami Rita climbed Everest on the 14th of May 2024 for the 29th time, and after the week, she got to the Summit for the 2nd time, this season, making it the 30th climb. He is trying hard to keep his record of climbing for the highest number of climbs for a long period of time. 

Another record was kept by Dawa Finjok Sherpa by climbed Everest three times in 18 hours. This is also a very important world record that has been made to this date. 

A mountaineer British man Kenton Cool has also been the foreigner with the highest number of climbs. This is his 18th time this year. 

From different countries, there have been females reaching the top of the Everest or people attempting to go to the Everest top without oxygen. Although only three world records have been noted, there have been some national records that are worth mentioning in the article. 

How was 2025 climbing different? 

Other than the news that travelers have to carry their own poop this season; other new information was the compulsory application of tracking chips in 2024. Although the effectiveness of these chips was not ensured, this was the first time that tracking was made compulsory.

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