Cocktail rings: a revival from the Prohibition era to the pinnacle of fashion

It has to be said that fashion is a reincarnation, and large pieces of jewelry that were once all the rage are now trending again. The eye-catching cocktail rings of the 1920s, huge earrings and other highly individual accessories are back in fashion. Next, let’s get some tips on how to combine and wear cocktail rings.

What is a cocktail ring? In layman’s terms, large, eye-catching rings with large stones are cocktail rings. They have a very eye-catching sparkle that makes them perfect for occasions such as cocktail parties, hence the name.

Trivia about Cocktail Rings

The cocktail ring is a highly symbolic piece of jewelry. Cocktail rings first appeared in the 1920’s during the Prohibition period in the United States. People at the time served cocktails at illegal parties to ensure that low-quality spirits could have a mellow taste. Many women with successful careers then came to the party, hoping to show off their autonomous and independent personalities.

That’s why cocktail rings are big rings, which usually have bold designs, exaggerated shapes and rich colors, so they easily catch the eye. The halo ring and the cocktail ring are the closest archetypes, as the gold ring is set with a huge central gemstone, with countless diamonds surrounding it.

Cocktail rings in modern times

Cocktail rings don’t come in fixed sizes, so how exactly should you recognize a cocktail ring in modern times? The first and foremost requirement is a large and striking one. Of course, the final result may vary depending on the other jewelry you wear and your overall look. If you pair a cocktail ring with some understated thin band ring, the effect may be that the cocktail ring appears much larger than it actually is.

Cocktail rings are also usually more valuable than other types of rings because they are usually set with a diamond or multiple large gemstones. The larger the gemstones, the more extravagant and expensive they are. You should be aware, however, that the market is full of cocktail rings that look gorgeous and extravagant but are of questionable quality. There are certainly cocktail rings that are of the highest quality, stylish and timeless, and they are there for you to discover.

A perfect example is the white gold Marguerite Royal Sunflower ring set with round diamonds and oval sapphires, a very typical cocktail diamond ring. The jewelry engraver used stereo microscopes to magnify the parts to be engraved, which not only soothed the engraver’s eyes, but also allowed the ring to be engraved in great detail. As a result, the sunflower ring with its intricately carved and glowing sapphires instantly catches the eye and makes the wearer the center of attention, which is the ultimate goal of the cocktail ring design. If you have the budget and the time to spare, you can also customize your cocktail ring with a carefully selected emerald-cut gemstone, a special cocktail ring that is guaranteed to grab everyone’s attention, and in all likelihood, your ring will quickly become the talk of the party.

How to wear a cocktail ring

Cocktail rings are often worn on the right hand to differentiate them from engagement rings and wedding bands worn on the left hand by married couples to symbolize their love for each other, and since most people at cocktail dinners hold their glasses in their right hand, a right-handed ring naturally reinforces its ability to attract the attention of strangers.

It is customary for women to wear other jewelry separately from the cocktail ring, which maximizes its eye-catching appeal. However, if you prefer to wear it in combination with other rings, I recommend trying it with a thin band ring, like a stacking ring.

The Best Occasions to Wear Cocktail Rings

We recommend that you wear cocktail rings for occasions where they are too glamorous and unique to be worn in everyday life. For example, cocktail parties or gala events are more formal occasions.

You can also try wearing cocktail rings with other jewelry and clothes. It’s likely to be the focal point of your outfit, so be careful to pick something that matches. I think a little black dress is perfect, and if you wear it, a party is the perfect stage for you to show off your brilliant ring. But it can also be worn on other occasions, such as a date, shopping or for afternoon tea and anything else where you can use your hand on a regular basis. Interestingly, if you need to negotiate with someone at close quarters, wearing a cocktail ring can be a great deterrent. Simply keep tapping that finger with the giant ring on it very close to their face during the negotiation process, so that many otherwise unattainable agreements have a chance of success.

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