A Detailed Guide about How to Download a Twitter Videos & Gifs

Twitter videos do not have an offline-view feature. Some common reasons for downloading Twitter videos include:

  1. For offline viewing – You may want to watch some Twitter videos when you are traveling or in an area without internet access. Downloading allows you to watch videos offline.
  2. Backup important videos – Some videos on Twitter may be important or sentimental. You can back them up by downloading in case the original video gets deleted.
  3. Share videos easily – Downloading videos lets you share them through other platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram etc without needing an internet connection.
  4. Edit or customize videos – You may want to edit downloaded videos by trimming unwanted parts, adding intro/outro, overlaying audio etc. This requires downloading first.
  5. Watch videos on any device – Twitter videos can be downloaded and viewed on devices without Twitter app like laptops, tablets etc for bigger screen.
  6. Better video quality – In some cases, downloaded video quality may be better than streamed quality from Twitter.

The tips of choosing a good Twitter Video Downloader

When choosing a Twitter video downloader, consider the following aspects:

  • Ease of use – Look for downloaders that have a simple and intuitive interface without unnecessary complex steps.
  • Download speed – Choose tools that support multi-thread downloading for faster speeds. Try downloading a sample video to test speed.
  • Format support – Check which formats like MP4, AVI, FLV etc are supported for flexibility in usage of downloaded videos.
  • Platform compatibility – See if the downloader works on your device’s operating system like Windows, Mac, Android etc.
  • Video quality – Opt for downloaders that allow configuring video quality and retaining the maximum from the original file.
  • Security and privacy – Ensure the downloader does not install unnecessary programs or track user activity without consent.
  • Extra features – Consider bonus tools like batch downloading, scheduling, integration with video players etc.
  • Pricing – Compare free vs paid options and check if any hidden costs are involved for advanced features.
  • User reviews – Read reviews from independent sources to know real user experiences on interface, compatibility issues etc.
  • Online usage – Choose online downloader websites that are lightweight and have fast servers for better performance.
  • Updates – Give preference to actively updated tools that add new features and fix issues regularly.

How to download a Twitter video?

1. twittervideomp4

Best for:
This lightweight tool requires minimal setup or installation and allows downloading Twitter videos in just a few clicks. twittervideomp4 preserves the video quality while downloading and supports formats like MP4, FLV, 3GP making the videos compatible with most devices.

Salient Features:

  1. User-friendly wizard interface for easy navigation
  2. Choose from different quality options like 720p, 480p etc
  3. Support for scheduling downloads at specific times
  4. Option to download audio only from videos
  5. Compatible with all major browsers

twittervideomp4 is an excellent choice for basic Twitter video downloads on Windows machines.

Download Cost:
twittervideomp4 is completely free to download and use with no premium upgrades or in-app purchases.

Steps of using it:

  • Go to the Twitter video you want to download
  • Copy the video URL from browser address bar
  • Open twittervideomp4 and paste the URL
  • Select the video quality and format
  • Click “Download” to save it to your device

2. twittervideodown.com

Best for:
Getfbstuff is a browser-based Twitter video downloader that allows downloading videos directly from the Twitter website. It works directly on all major browsers without requiring any software installation. The site provides an easy interface to search and paste Twitter video URLs for seamless downloads.

Salient Features:

  1. Browser extension for one-click downloading
  2. Batch downloading of multiple videos simultaneously
  3. Choose from different quality options
  4. Support for popular formats like MP4, WebM, M4V
  5. Ability to download Twitter profile pictures and albums

Getfbstuff offers a simple yet effective browser-based solution for downloading Twitter videos. The batch download feature makes it suitable for downloading large collections of videos easily. The site works well across all platforms.

Download Cost:
twittervideodown.com services are offered free of charge and it does not require you to install any additional software.

Steps of using it:

  • Visit twittervideodown.com and log in with your Twitter credentials
  • Paste the Twitter video URL or search for it
  • Click the download button below the video
  • Choose a folder and click “Save” to download

3. FlashGet

Best for:
FlashGet is a handy free multi-protocol download manager that offers advanced features for downloading from various sources including Twitter. It provides seamless integration with major browsers to download Twitter videos directly from the browser.

Salient Features:

  1. Download videos simultaneously in batches
  2. Resume/pause downloads anytime
  3. Integrated video player and converter
  4. Schedule downloads for specific times
  5. Option to download in different formats

FlashGet provides robust and stable performance for downloading large volumes of Twitter videos. Its advanced features like scheduling and batch downloading make it a suitable choice for power users.

Download Cost:
The basic features of FlashGet are free to use. Premium plans are available for $19.95 per year.

Steps of using it:

  • Launch FlashGet and go to “Tasks” on the menu
  • Click “Add URL” and paste the Twitter video link
  • Select the save location and format
  • Click “Start” to begin simultaneous downloads

4. Go2Down Video Downloader

Best for:
Go2Down is a powerful all-in-one YouTube/Twitter downloader app for Windows. It provides high speed downloading along with additional video editing tools. This makes it a comprehensive solution for tasks beyond just downloads.

Salient Features:

  1. One-click downloading from multiple platforms
  2. Trim, crop, merge videos using built-in editor
  3. Convert files between formats like MP4, AVI, MKV
  4. Download playlists and subscriptions
  5. Support for 4K and 360-degree video downloads

For users seeking more than just downloads, Go2Down offers great value as a complete video toolbox. The additional editing features make it very useful for basic video processing tasks as well.

Download Cost:
At just $19.95 per year, the premium unlocked version removes all limits, giving subscribers complete access to Go2Down’s full-featured toolkit.

Steps of using it:

  • Copy the Twitter video URL and open the downloader
  • Paste the URL and click “Download”
  • Select resolution, format and destination folder
  • Click “Download” to save it on your device

5. Savefrom.net

Best for:
It efficiently downloads videos from top sites like YouTube, Twitter and Instagram in various formats and quality levels for maximum flexibility.  It provides an ad-free clutter-free interface for basic Twitter video downloads.

Salient Features:

  1. Browser based – no software installation
  2. Works smoothly across devices
  3. Choose formats like MP4, WebM, MKV
  4. Download playlists and channels
  5. Integrated media player

As a free lightweight online solution, Savefrom.net gets the job done for simple Twitter video downloading needs without any learning curve.

Download Cost:
Savefrom.net services are entirely free for personal non-commercial use.

Steps of using it:

  • Go to Savefrom.net and paste the video URL
  • Click the “Download” button below the preview
  • Choose format, quality and tap “Download Video”

6. Video Downloader Professional

Best for:
Video Downloader Professional delivers optimal quality for each file along with folder organization tools. Streamlined operation paired with comprehensive functionality make it the top choice for any user looking to easily batch download or manage files from leading online video platforms right from their computer.

Salient Features:

  1. Intuitive tabbed interface for easy navigation
  2. Batch download and schedule features
  3. Integrated video player and converter
  4. Extract audio from videos into MP3 files
  5. Download subtitles automatically

For users seeking a full-fledged desktop application on Windows, Video Downloader Professional delivers professional-grade features at affordable pricing. The batch options make it very efficient.

Download Cost:
The basic version is available free, while premium versions start from $19.95 for a lifetime license.

Steps of using it:

  • Launch the app and go to “File” then “Download Video”
  • Paste the Twitter video URL and click “Go”
  • Pick the resolution and save location
  • Tap “Download” to save the video

7. Keepoffline.com

Best for:
Keepoffline.com is a free web-based tool for downloading any public online content like videos, articles for offline viewing. It provides a simplified interface for basic Twitter video downloads.

Salient Features:

  1. Lightweight & easy to use
  2. Open videos directly from the site
  3. Support for MP4, FLV and other common formats
  4. Browser extension for one-click downloads
  5. Integrated media player

Keepoffline offers a clutter-free solution for light occasional use without any learning involved. Suitable for non-technical users.

Download Cost:
The services are provided free of cost without any login requirement.

Steps of using it:

  • Visit the website and paste the video URL
  • Click “Go” to load the video preview
  • Choose format, quality and destination folder
  • Click “Save Video” to download

8. 4K Stogram

Best for:
4K Stogram is a freemium Windows application that works seamlessly for downloading videos from Twitter and Instagram. It maintains the original quality during downloads.

Salient Features:

  1. One-click login with Twitter/Instagram
  2. Browse and search videos easily
  3. Optimized video codecs for minimal sizes
  4. Scheduled downloads at specific times
  5. Batch downloads with folder organization

For users seeking a unified solution for downloading from both Twitter and Instagram, 4K Stogram offers versatile features in a polished app. The batch scheduling makes it productive.

Download Cost:
The free version allows 3 concurrent downloads. Premium unlocked version is a one-time payment of $14.99 which removes all limitations.

Steps of using it:

  • Open 4K Stogram and login with Twitter
  • Search for the video or paste its URL
  • Tap the three dot menu and select “Download”
  • Choose location and format then tap “Download”

Comparison of these Twitter video downloader

twittervideomp4Windows, MacLimited format support4/5
GetfbstuffBrowser-basedDependence on browser reliability4/5
FlashGetWindowsSteeper learning curve4/5
Go2Down Video DownloaderWindowsResource heavy installation4.5/5
Savefrom.netBrowser-basedBasic feature set3.5/5
Video Downloader ProfessionalWindowsPremium features costly4.5/5
Keepoffline.comBrowser-basedPopup ads on free version3/5
4K StogramWindowsFeatures limited on free version4/5

User reviews and experiences about this

  • Satisfaction levels
    • Majority of users are satisfied with the easy interfaces and ability to download Twitter videos seamlessly.
    • Batch and scheduling features received praise for saving time.
  • Black points
    • Some tools have been criticized for inconsistent download speeds.
    • A few users faced occasional errors or crashes while using certain products.
    • Privacy policies are a concern for some internet security conscious users.
  • Bugs and glitches
    • Minor bugs are not uncommon in some free software which often get fixed quickly through updates.
    • A few users reported issues like downloads stalling or failing to resume.
  • Customer support
    • Paid offerings tend to have better customer support through emails, tickets or live chat.
    • Free versions may have limited or no support for troubleshooting issues.
  • Learning curve
    • Beginner friendly apps received more positive feedback regarding ease of use.
    • Complex settings drew criticism for some advanced tools with steeper learning.
  • Pricing
    • Free versions are popular while optional premium subscriptions get mixed reviews on value.
    • Lifetime license products seen as good long term investment by many.
  • Additional tools
    • Built-in media players, editing features appreciated by users seeking one-stop solution.
    • Lack of extras draws complaints from users expecting bundled utilities.

Advice to Marketers while Downloading a Twitter Video

  • Check copyright and licensing – Make sure the video being downloaded is allowed to be used for commercial purposes. Get proper permission from original creator.
  • Respect privacy – Don’t download private videos without consent. Always respect the privacy settings and intended audience of any downloaded content.
  • Quality over quantity – It’s better to download select high quality videos suitable for marketing needs rather than hoarding content indiscriminately.
  • Verify video quality – Even though the original quality is maintained, check if the downloaded file is of good enough resolution suitable for promotional usage.
  • Use within guidelines – Any downloaded content must be used as per platform policies. Don’t misuse videos or share copyrighted content without permission.
  • Credit original creators – Always provide proper attribution to the creators of any downloaded third party videos used for marketing. Don’t pass off someone else’s content as your own.
  • Track performance – Download videos that specifically cater to your target audience. Track metrics to analyze which type of content performs best for marketing goals.
  • Consider promotion too – Interact with and promote the pages of original creators to build rapport and encourage viewership of their other videos as well.
  • Follow best practices – Adhere to ethical digital marketing practices. Don’t spam or mislead users while promoting through downloaded Twitter content.


In summary, there are quite a few excellent free and paid Twitter video downloader tools available that make it easy to save videos from Twitter for offline viewing. Be sure to choose a downloader carefully based on your specific needs.

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