Why You Need a Specialized Disability Lawyer in Houston?

Social Security disability benefits help disabled individuals and low-income households in the country afford necessities. Disabled Houston residents face many financial, social, and health challenges. The disability application process involves a lot of paperwork and requires gathering employment records, constructing work history, and obtaining medical records that describe disability. The entire process can be frustrating and overwhelming for many claimants. Many Houston residents with valid claims receive denial letters initially.

If you are nervous about applying for benefits or because of a claim denial, you should have a specialised Houston Disability Lawyer review your case and discuss your options.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) are two federal programs of the Social Security Administration (SSA) that offer benefits to individuals with disabilities who are unable to work. 

A Specialized Disability Lawyer Will Compile Comprehensive Medical Evidence

One of the leading reasons for denial is the lack of medical evidence proving that you cannot work because of your disability. Your disability must be severe enough to prevent you from working for at least a year. 

It is crucial to demonstrate your disability’s severity to be eligible for disability benefits.

Your medical evidence must reflect your current situation. It should highlight the impact the disabling condition has on daily living, mobility, or ability to work. Medical evidence is critical for disability determination. Applicants must provide medical evidence from a doctor, specialist, or another licensed or certified medical source documenting their severe impairment.

Applicants must also provide medical test results, medical history, and documentation of their treatments, emergency room visits, and diagnoses. To make an informed decision about your case, the SSA needs to know how the disability affects your life. Disability lawyers can help you by gathering the necessary medical records and other evidence on your behalf. They ensure that your medical records are complete and up-to-date, which can be vital to winning your case. 

A Specialized Disability Lawyer Ensures Your Cooperation With The SSA

During the disability application process, your disability lawyer will stay on top of any communication from the SSA. Failure to cooperate with the SSA can lead to denial. The SSA will request your medical records and may ask you to see an SSA doctor if necessary. Give them the medical records they need and comply with every step in the process. 

The SSA might schedule a consultative examination— a medical exam with one of their doctors — to learn more about your medical condition. Not showing up could be grounds for a denial. A disability lawyer can inform you about deadlines and even communicate with the SSA on your behalf. 

A Specialized Disability Lawyer Can Expedite Your Claims Process  

The days of getting approval in a few months are over. Most claimants get an initial decision in six months. Applicants for Social Security disability benefits face long wait times amid a record backlog of applications. If Social Security initially denies your application, you need to go through a reconsideration review with a disability examiner. The reconsideration process takes about six months. 

If Social Security denies your application citing a medical reason, you can appeal by requesting a hearing. Although you’ll have a better chance of getting benefits after a disability hearing, you’ll have to wait longer for that opportunity. Applicants have to wait a long time before they can present their case to a disability judge. Most claimants wait between one and two years to get a hearing date.

After a hearing, applicants wait one to three months for the judge’s decision. An experienced disability attorney handling your Social Security disability benefits claim might help speed up the long determination process. Your attorney ensures your initial application doesn’t contain errors that can hurt your claim.If you’re experiencing financial adversities, a precisely drafted dire need letter by your lawyer can schedule your hearing date sooner. 

Disability lawyers present your case in the best possible light, improving your chances of success. 

Contact A Houston Disability Lawyer In Houston 

At Chermol & Fishman, LLC, our disability lawyers know how to compile records, complete the lengthy application forms, and, when necessary, work through the appeals process. Our law firm can handle all communications with the SSA on your behalf. Our experienced and courteous staff will keep track of the deadlines to avoid delays. Our Houston disability law firm aims to provide compassionate, professional legal representation to Houston residents seeking disability benefits. Contact our nearest office to you today to schedule a free claim review.

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