Can We Rent a Car Monthly in Dubai Easily & Quickly on Your Smartphone?

Imagine cruising down the glittering streets of Dubai in a sleek, modern car without the long-term commitment of ownership. Sounds enticing, right? Renting a car monthly in Dubai offers just that flexibility and convenience, and thanks to modern technology, you can do it all from the comfort of your smartphone. This article will guide you through the process of monthly car rental in Dubai, making it as smooth as the ride you’ll be enjoying.

Understanding the Car Rental Market in Dubai

Dubai’s car rental market is booming, driven by both tourists and residents who seek the freedom of mobility. With a mix of luxury and economy cars, the market caters to diverse needs and preferences. The sector has witnessed substantial growth, fueled by the city’s rapid development and a penchant for luxury.

Why Rent a Car Monthly?

Renting a car monthly in Dubai has numerous benefits. It’s cost-effective compared to daily or weekly rentals, especially if you need a vehicle for an extended period. Monthly rentals also offer greater flexibility and convenience, eliminating the hassle of constant renewals.

Requirements for Renting a Car in Dubai

Before you get started, you’ll need to gather some necessary documentation. Typically, you’ll need a valid driver’s license, a passport or Emirates ID, and a credit card. Be aware of age restrictions, as most rental companies require drivers to be at least 21 years old, though some luxury car rentals may have higher age requirements. Additionally, comprehensive insurance is mandatory.

How to Rent a Car Monthly on Your Smartphone

Renting a car in Dubai has never been easier, thanks to numerous user-friendly apps. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Download a Car Rental App: Choose from popular options like eZhire, Renty, or Carasti.
  2. Create an Account: Register using your personal details and verify your identity.
  3. Browse Available Cars: Use filters to search for cars that meet your needs.
  4. Compare Prices and Features: Check out different models and their prices.
  5. Make a Reservation: Select your preferred car and rental period, then book it.
  6. Choose Payment Method: Complete the payment process securely within the app.

Top Car Rental App in Dubai


eZhire offers a seamless experience with a wide range of cars, from economy to luxury. The app is known for its user-friendly interface and reliable customer service.

Booking Process

The booking process is straightforward. Start by searching for available cars on your chosen app. Compare the prices and models, then select the car that best fits your needs. Make a reservation by entering your rental period and personal details.

Payment Options

Most car rental apps in Dubai accept various payment methods, including credit cards and digital wallets. Ensure the app you choose uses secure payment gateways to protect your information. Always check for additional fees and ensure transparency in the payment process.

Pick-up and Drop-off Services

Many car rental services offer convenient pick-up and drop-off options. Choose a location that suits you best, whether it’s your home, office, or the airport. The process is usually quick and hassle-free, ensuring you can get on the road as soon as possible.

Types of Cars Available for Monthly Rental

Dubai’s car rental market offers a diverse range of vehicles:

Economy Cars

Affordable and fuel-efficient, ideal for daily commutes and short trips.

Luxury Cars

Experience the opulence of Dubai with high-end brands like Mercedes, BMW, and Audi.

SUVs and Family Cars

Perfect for family trips or transporting larger groups comfortably.

Cost of Renting a Car Monthly in Dubai

The cost of renting a car monthly in Dubai varies based on several factors, including the car model, rental duration, and additional services. On average, you can expect to pay between AED 1,200 to AED 5,000 per month. Always look out for discounts and promotions to get the best deals.

Tips for a Smooth Car Rental Experience

  1. Inspect the Car Before Renting: Check for any damage and report it to avoid disputes later.
  2. Understand Rental Agreements: Read the terms and conditions carefully to know what’s included.
  3. Customer Support: Choose companies with reliable customer service for assistance when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Minimum Age for Renting a Car in Dubai?

Most companies require drivers to be at least 21 years old, but some luxury rentals may have a higher age requirement.

Can I Rent a Car with a Foreign Driver’s License?

Yes, you can rent a car with an international driving permit along with your home country license.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

Always read the rental agreement thoroughly. Some companies may charge extra for additional drivers, insurance, or late returns.

What Happens in Case of an Accident?

Ensure you have comprehensive insurance coverage. In case of an accident, contact the rental company and follow their procedures for reporting and handling claims.

Can I Extend My Rental Period?

Most rental companies allow extensions, but it’s best to inform them in advance to avoid extra charges.


Renting a car monthly in Dubai through your smartphone is a convenient and efficient way to enjoy the city’s vibrant lifestyle. With various apps and a wide range of vehicles to choose from, you can find the perfect car to suit your needs. Follow the steps outlined in this guide, and you’ll be cruising through Dubai in no time.

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